A Presence of Absence

Hello! and welcome to the beginning of The Odense Series self publishing campaign.

We wanted to start by saying thank you, because if you are reading this then you have already taken a small interest in what we are about and the journey that we are on! And as any writer will tell you, to just have your words read, is gratitude enough!

We are going to be taking you with us through the process of trying to publish our series of books and welcome your input, ideas and comments.

Today we are focusing on the first book in The Odense SeriesA Presence of Absence.

This is a gritty crime fiction which sees a London Detective head over to his dead wife’s native Denmark and work with a local Danish detective to try and solve a murder case in Odense.

Although a solid crime book it also deals with the often unspoken fall out from grief within a family and the ripple affect this has on everyone and the dynamics. Those that are left behind have the incredibly hard journey of living with a very obvious presence of absence from their loved one.

“Emotional pain is an invisible ailment which can be covered up by the subtle upward turn of the mouth and kept silent by positive sentences. But it is a tangible hurt that finds its way to every part of the body and mind, which rears itself with the sunrise and hangs on throughout the day, refusing to be side tracked. Yet people expect someone who has it embedded in them to just shake it off and leave it lying there. They are the people who had never experienced the intense feeling of loss. It is often looked upon to be treated like a physical problem, solved with medicine, but Simon knew this was often purely a placebo to comfort the outsider looking in”. Living with A Presence of Absence.

Of course, this wouldn’t be an intriguing series if we didn’t have lies and deceit below the surface of the grief and a few family secrets. Nordic Noir meets Brit crime!

Thank you for joining us and we look forward to sharing with you our series.

Sarah Surgey & Emma Vestrheim

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