When two worlds collide

We have blended together two areas from the Crime genre; Britcrime and NordicNoir.

Was this intentional?

Well no, not really! We came up with our main protagonist and decided that he was to be a middle aged British detective who would serve through our series with some strong shoulders and a few demons but with his morals in tack. We wanted to then pair him up with another detective who would be in his shadow but, who we think our readers would warm to.  Thinking about where we could find such a guy we started to wonder if maybe a cultural or language difference would be a nice hole between the two of them.

A bit of mis-communication, diplomatic errors and a few colloquial differences, we thought, would be a nice trend to run through the book.

And so the friendship, partnership and duo between Simon Weller, British detective from the City of London and Jonas Norgaard, local policeman from the countryside of Fyn was created…..and from here we started to spider out, creating other characters to work alongside them, scenarios they might face and of course the murder spree to tangle in between all of this.

Both of us have been writing about nordic culture and the arts within these regions for a few years now and with this knowledge and a personal interest and love of some great British crime authors, we realised that the two could blend seamlessly together, not forced but in a natural way.

Britcrime and Nordicnoir run quite parallel as they are both two very gritty but articulated crime genres which feature quite heavily on its backdrop of sparse, grey, sometimes desolate surroundings.

The crime changed, some characters stayed, some left, the settings moved around as did the mode of killing but in the end we have ended up with something we are both proud of.


Sarah Surgey & Emma Vestrheim 

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